Our goal is to enable our clients with knowledge and build skills of our leading PinpointSA™ platform, and the expertise to move from a vulnerable cyber environment to one that is secure and adaptable to business change. As we identify those vulnerabilities together, we take a collaborative approach to designing and implementing your solution. We take the time to consider a previous investment, and whether it provided the expected results. Can we leverage that investment through integration with ACSI’s PiinpointSA™ client/server platform? Once the plan is agreed upon, our consultants may evaluate operational processes for security and recovery or assist in developing new ones that ultimately enable you to maximize the value of your investment.

As new or revised processes are designed, and your software suite is implemented, we are sensitive to changes that may impact your staff. Knowledge is transferred through classroom training and development, or eLearning solutions geared to the user, developer, or operational staff. ACSI leverages a variety of partnerships to provide training in the areas of cyber situational awareness, forensics and cyber security that highlight best practices from industry and government.



ACSI's security professionals can help you optimize operational processes for security through consultation, training and more.