O U R IA P P R O A C H :

ACSI’s customer-centric approach to support our services and heightened cyber situational awareness will be designed to offer scalable levels of support at all stages of our customers’ life cycle. As with other enterprise software solutions, needs change with each phase of implementation. For those customers who select a standard version of PinpointSA, an on-line eSupport entry, followed by a timely response from one of our software experts, is likely to answer your question or provide you with the additional insight to quickly get things back on track. If you prefer, an on-line chat with a Competency Center engineer can provide answers to questions regarding functionality or the timing of software releases or updates.

Our experts are recognized for their procedural and technical knowledge of cyber situational awareness and the forensics process. Posing as an attacker, they can find the “holes” in your security process and identify vulnerabilities. They know what questions to ask from the perspective of a high technology crime investigation specialist.

Questions may arise regarding the interpretation and analysis of the data collected. Our forensics experts go beyond the remediation of a functionality issue, and are skilled at transforming data into evidentiary information that can be effectively utilized by law enforcement. Our Competency Center experts ask the questions that lead to the solution; they go beyond searching for common problems and providing common solutions. They have extensive expertise in attack methodologies, enabling them to prevent intrusion.

If you are implementing a customized ACSI security and forensics solution, support needs change as you move from design through customization, development, and testing, to the operation of your solution in your environment. During the design phase, our consultants are available to ask and answer questions that will ensure that the ultimate solution meets your needs. As we move to customization, development, and testing, a higher level of support is usually required. Level 2 and level 3 engineers and developers, located in our ACSI Software Competency Center, are available to provide product knowledge and security expertise to your team or one of our valued partners who may be critical to the effort. Once your solution is tested, implementation begins. A number of factors are considered in addressing your support requirements, including number of sites, number of clients and hosts, implementation timeline, the expertise, location, and availability of your internal staff.

ACSI has integrated a level of quality into the software development and testing process that should reduce your post-implementation support requirement. A qualitative development and testing process, combined with ACSI’s proven implementation methodology, will not not only reduce “time to production” so that your return on investment (ROI) objectives are met, but also serve to decrease the frequency of support issues. When a problem does arise, our support customers can choose the best option for their situation. A mission critical issue demands mission critical support 24 x 7 x 365. An on-line chat with an engineer in the Competency Center is available during business hours. The option of documenting a problem or asking a question is also available 24 x 7 x 365 via the eSupport Center. And of course, the phone is still an option for customers who choose to speak directly with an ACSI professional who can address their particular need.

Our customers are assisting each other as they communicate on-line, by phone, and attend industry events. ACSI provides the framework for you to engage with other PinpointSA users to share information, solutions to common implementation issues, “what if” scenarios, and solutions obtained through our intuitive “Knowledge Bank.” ACSI engineers, consultants, partners, and customers are rapidly making “investments” that return value to the ACSI community at large. Unlike many vendors who provide access to a repository of “data” related to support issues, software problems, patches, and release information, ACSI is committed to continuous improvement and sophistication of this knowledge management system as new methods and technology alternatives are introduced by our partners in this area.


Our customer-centric approach to support is designed to offer scalable levels of support at all stages of our customers' life cycle.